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Grozev Law Office

                  The technologies allow the lawyer to attend the lawsuit, to obtain from the client a scanned version of the materials on it. With the permission of the Judge, the materials can be copied, scanned and sent electronically, respectively the copied materials are received by lawyer and by post , on paper. When the application shows  that the  lawyer is in another city and that is the only way to get to know in time the case, the judge has no legal basis to refuse to accept such a request.


                    Sometimes the information contained on one of the leaves is of a key importance for protecting the interest of the person, so the judgment of what material to use is the sole responsibility of the lawyer. The office uses this way of work as an option for   appeal . This saves time, travel and   costs.


                 When the case is scheduled in the supreme courts and is in the attorney's room, only a power of attorney sended by email is required for such remote consultation.