How do I sell or buy property in Bulgaria when I am abroad?

Some time ago, a Latvian citizen asked to sell an inherited property in the town of Sofia. In order to do so, a buyer had to be found and a person who had moved into the property had to be evicted. The office carried out a check and found that the ‘tenant’ had been paying rent for years but to a person not authorised by the deceased’s heirs.

Often in such cases a quick intervention is required, without which the property cannot be sold and the heirs need funds, either to buy another property or to meet their own needs. However, they do not have the time and opportunity to carry out together the necessary actions of finding a buyer, filling in all the necessary documents, paying the due local taxes, notarising the transaction, etc. It is also necessary to change the property’s accounts after the sale for debts to the electricity distribution company, cable operator, water company, etc.

In this case, it is good to find a trusted person to undertake this entire procedure. Sometimes it is also necessary to take action of a legal nature- filing requests for assistance, filing civil and criminal lawsuits, negotiating and meeting with multiple parties. However, having a lawyer can avoid additional costs and complications, as it could, depending on the specifics of the case, opt for a solution that saves a number of complications.

Regardless of how many different countries the heirs are in, once they have sent the relevant documents to the attorney, the latter can undertake the entire procedure from start to finish and ensure that the amount is paid into the applicant’s account.

Most attorneys have so-called escrow accounts into which they can transfer the sale price, which is quick and convenient, and the account is not subject to seizure and therefore guarantees the seller security and reliability.

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