How do some families quickly adopt children in Bulgaria?

Recently a client of mine revealed how sometimes in the country behind the back of the social services is carried out a quick adoption of a child from a family that for one reason or another can not have their own.

A single mother is wanted who has declared that she cannot deal with raising her unborn child and is willing to give her to a family with greater capabilities.

Through the legal procedure of the recognition, the male of the couple becomes administratively the child’s parent. Subsequently, the child’s birth mother agrees that the wife of the man who has adopted the child will become the child’s adoptive mother through a court order.

This circumvents the long and cumbersome procedure of a two-parent adoption, the long administrative investigation involved, and the unknowns surrounding whether the couple will be preferred as parents of the particular child.

Unfortunately, the state provokes such situations with children because it does not assist in a reasonable time frame those who wish to adopt children who will be abandoned by their parents anyway.

The problem is that this does not protect the interests of the child, as it is possible that the adopting couple may not be suitable to be the child’s parents, but in practice the state has almost no means of intervening in this situation.

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